How to Enable Nord VPN Kill Switch

Without a thoughtful approach, you may lose the crux of VPN: Privacy. Kill Switch remarkably reduce the risk of data reveal.    

While buying a VPN, most individuals explore certain components which, in their opinion, are crucial for security and privacy. Usually, VPN users are unaware of the kill switch or may not consider it as necessary as other features. However, a VPN without a kill switch could be vulnerable even if it is equipped with top-notch security traits. 

Kill switch is a feature that eliminates the risk of snooping when you are using a VPN. Because, even with a reliable VPN, data can go unencrypted to the internet if a VPN connection fails, whereas the internet remains connected.

To resolve this issue, some VPNs such as Nord, came up with a security feature known as Kill Switch. NordVPN offers two types of kill switches. 

  1. System-wide which cuts off an entire device from accessing the internet if a VPN connection fails.
  2. App-level only restricts the internet of the apps which are set to be saved from data leaks if a VPN connection drops.


A Kill Switch disconnects the internet on your device as soon as a VPN connection drops. Therefore, it is necessary to protect you from even the smallest data reveal.

 Enable Kill Switch on Android (System-wide)

You can enable NordVPN kill switch on Android which has version 7.0 or later.

1- Go to your device’s Settings.

2- Now head on to wireless and network settings (maybe connections in some devices).

3- Click VPN and look for NordVPN if you have more VPN clients on your device. Then tap the cog icon next to NordVPN.  

4- Finally, enable the “Always-on VPN” toggle switch.

On Windows (Both Internet kill switch and app kill switch)

1- Open the NordVPN app on your Windows device and tap settings.

2- Now go to the General tab.

3- Under this section, you will see the internet kill switch and app kill switch. Now enable your preferred option from the toggle switch.

4- When you click the internet kill switch feature, simply press yes.

5- If you enable the app kill switch feature, then enter the applications on which you want to apply Kill Switch commands.

On Linux (system-wide option only)

On Linux, you can enable the kill switch just by typing the ‘’nordvpn set killswitch off’’command. 

However, you can find the status of the kill switch by typing the ‘’nordvpn settings’’ command. 

On Mac

1- Open the NordVPN app on your Mac device and go to settings.

2- Now enable the kill switch option from the toggle switch.

That’s it. Now you can securely surf the internet on your Mac. 

On iOS

1- Open the NordVPN app on your iOS and go to my account and settings.

2- Under the section of my settings, go to the Kill switch option.

3- Finally, enable the kill switch from the toggle button. 

Final Words

Among thousands of VPNs, it’s difficult to find the best. However, you should prepare a checklist of security features that shouldn’t be missed whether you are a journalist looking for absolute privacy or a netizen who is just trying to bypass geo-restrictions to unblock US Netflix